Application Guide

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Registration Procedures
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    STEP. 1

    Submission of Application
    Form and Business License

    Until ~ September 4th(Fri.) 2020

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    STEP. 2

    Payment for Booth Fee

    Total Booth Fee
    Within 7 Days

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    STEP. 3

    Booth Allocation

    Mid. September of 2020

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    STEP. 4

    Welding Korea
    Grand Opening

Booth Types and Application
Classification Fees per Booth Remarks booth_img.jpg
Shell Scheme USD 1,800 Space and booth
Space Only USD 1,500 Space only

※ Payment should be made by wire transfer in US dollar only.
※ Payment should be made upon the submission of the application form.
※ The contract will not be confirmed and the exhibit space will not be served until this payment is made.