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“The One and Only Show in Welding Capital of Asia”
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METALTECH (Malaysia)
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    Automated Welding
    Robotic Welding & Automation, Welding Automation Facility, Automated Welding System, Seam Tracker System, etc.
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    Welding Machinery
    Arc Welding Machine, Gas Welding Machine, Plasma Welding Machine, Resistance Welding Machine, Electron Beam Welding Machine, Laser Welding Machine, Plastic Welding Machine, Brazing and Soldering, Friction Stir Welding Machine, etc.
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    Welding Material
    Assorted Welding Wire, Coated Welding Electrode, Gouging Electrode, Hardfacing Electrode, Cast Iron/Stainless Steel Electrode, Bimetallic Electrode, Soldering & Brazing Alloy Materials, Tungsten Electrode, Gas/Flux for Welding, Welding Auxiliaries, Subsidiary Materials, etc.
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    Inspection & Testing Equipment
    Non Destructive Testing Equipment, Electron Microscope, Hardness Testing Machine, Industrial Endoscope, Video Camera, Digital Video Microscope, Residual Stress Analyzer, Oxygen Measurement Equipment, Heat Measurement Equipment, Stress Measurement Equipment, Arc Data Monitor, etc.
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    Welding Components & Accessories
    Welding Wire Feeder, Welding Wire, Welding Jig, Welding Torch, Arc Holder, Arc Welding Transformer, Cleaner for Welding Machines, Welding Ceramic Accessories, Condenser for Welding Machines, Welding Holder, Cable, Exhaustive Materials, Gouging Torch, Flame-Resistance & Protective Clothing, Welding Curtain, etc.
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    Cutting Machinery
    Laser Cutting Machine, Plasma Cutting Machine, Gas Cutting Machine, Waterjet Cutting Machine, Cutting Robots, Underwater Cutting Machine, etc.
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    Safety Appliances & Environment Improvement Equipment
    Automatic Welding Helmet, Safety Glasses, Welding Gloves, General Welding Masks, Safety Shoes, Safety Helmet, Other Safety Welding Accessories, Environment Monitoring Instrument, Dust & Fume Collector, Air Purifier, Work Environment Monitor, Toxic Substance Monitor, Ventilation System, Auxiliary Instruments and Materials, etc.
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    Processing Machines
    Drilling Machine, Beveler, Bending Machine, Punching Machine, Band Saw Machine, Shearing Machine, Assembling Machine, Straightening Machine, etc.